Fund A Safe House in Europe For Mind Control Victims
Mind Control Safe House

All over the world a growing number of people become victim of mind control crimes including mind control experimentation i.e. gang stalking, organized stalking, torture with electromagnetic weapons, thought reading and thought forcing. They are being watched, followed everywhere they go, and are often tortured with through-wall electromagnetic weapons. Most of the time this happens 24/7, in many cases even second-by-second. Victims are isolated, financially ruined and can go nowhere. Many suffer, many die. Some call this the silent holocaust.

We would like to establish a Safe House in Europe where victims can find some protection, meet other victims and can stay for a while to find some peace in their lives. We hope to raise enough money to buy a house somewhere in Europe and to place materials and equipment in it to have some defense against these attacks. Your donation will be highly appreciated by all victims of these crimes against humanity.

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